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microGLEIT Technology Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of Water Based Sealer in Germany. We export our products all of the world, and enjoy a good reputation for their super quality and best price. Supplying new and high quality products for our customer is our company's target. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
  • Water Based Sealant - DCP 9000 DCP 9000 - Water Based Sealant : Water Based Sealer
    Sealer with lubrication performance
    * Excellent lubrication performance with coefficient of friction app. 0.08 ~ 0.12.
    * Perfect corrosion protection on zinc & zinc alloy.
    * Good agglutinate on different kinds of materials.
    * Not visible, can detect by UV-light.
    * Coefficient of friction app. 0.10
  • Water Sealer - DCP 9000 DCP 9000 - Water Sealer : Water Based Sealer
    Value added sealer - Sealer + lubrication
    * With fluorescent indicator.
    * Corrosion protection plus lubrication performance.
    * Prominent corrosion protection on zinc’、zinc nickel、zinc alloy.
    * Consistent lubrication performance with app. 0.10 coefficient of friction.
  • Water Sealers - DCP 9108 DCP 9108 - Water Sealers : Water Based Sealer
    Extra corrosion protection
    * No marking.
    * Eco friendly.
    * Well agglutinate ability on various materials.
    * No negative influence on properties of material.
    * Superb performance of corrosion protection on zinc、zinc nickel、zinc alloy.
  • Water Sealent - DCP 9108 DCP 9108 - Water Sealent : Water Based Sealer
    Double protection of corrosion
    * No marking.
    * Visible under UV light.
    * No influence on material.
    * No curing process requested.
    * Environmentally and user friendly.
    * Excellent adhesion on different material.
    * Outstanding corrosion protection on zinc、zinc nickel、zinc alloy.

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Water Based Sealer

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