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microGLEIT Technology Company With an accumulation of years experience in manufacturing, supplying Solvent Lubricant. We have expanded our business into designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of our line of fill machinery. We can offer custom filler equipment, installation and assembly service according to customers' specifications. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future. Welcome to our website and make some inquiry for us.
  • Industrial Lubricant - LS 855 LS 855 - Industrial Lubricant : Solvent Lubricant
    MoS2 with Solvent
    * Low coefficient of friction with grey black color.
    * High pressure resistance.
    * Minimizes danger of stick-slip.
    * Wide temperature range (-180°C up to + 450 °C).
    * Efficient in running in operations machine element with oil or grease.
  • Best Lubricant - LS 890 LS 890 - Best Lubricant : Solvent Lubricant
    MoS2 solvent based lubricant
    * High resistivity of pressure.
    * Excellent adhesive performance.
    * Higher corrosion protection ability than LS 888.
    * Bring a better layer with 180°C curing in 90 min.
    * Operation temperature from -180°C up to + 270 °C.
  • Machine Lubricant - DF 977 DF 977 - Machine Lubricant : Solvent Lubricant
    Rescue lubricant
    * DF 977 is suitable as an universal dry lubricating film for industry & household applications or connecting elements directly at assembly line.
    * COF after application is between 0.08 ~ 0.12.
    * Can apply on joint ring、blade joint ring.
    * With UV indicator, easy to recognize.
    * High pressure resistance.
    * High abrasion resistance.
    * Solvent based lubricant.
    * Do not spray on flames or red-hot objects. 
    * Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.
  • Industrial Lubrication - DF 977S DF 977S - Industrial Lubrication : Solvent Lubricant
    Rescue lubricant
    * Lubrication for connecting elements directly at assembly line.
    * Spraying, easy in using and constant quality.
    * Particularly approved as a “rescue lubricant.
    * After drying on surface, COF is between 0.08 ~ 0.12.
    * Include UV indicator for checking purpose. 
    * High pressure resistance
    * High abrasion resistance.
    * Application fields: Plastic adjust part (pin or spindle)、slide、joints、guides、o-ring、seal ring.
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Solvent Lubricant

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